Growing with the wind

White Milkwood  (Sideroxylon inerme) occur mainly in coastal areas in Southern Africa and they tend to grow with the wind. Here a few along the ‘Wandelpad’ (hiking trail) in our village.

A historical event in the village …

… but not many are aware of it: The first flower of the Stenocereus beneckei has opened after months in the bud. Not only just opened but it seemingly needed a gale force wind last night. This morning to our big surprise, coming back from a rainy and stormy hike along the beach during sunrise,  one of …


Sunrise in the Garden

Our village (Stanford, South Africa) is one of those places blessed with magnificent skies. At night we see the Milky Way and everything between sunrise and sunset provides us superb views, also down to earth. Reason of course to make 12 pictures in the garden during the sunrise. What most people don’t realize is the …

So nearby ….

… but wo is going to look in the aeration tanks of the municipal sewage disposal works… ?   …. 🙂

Aloe time in the Western Cape

The Western Cape in South Africa is a Winter rainfall area. It’s the season for the endemic plants and some aloes originate  from this province. Here is one at the entrance of Mosaic Farm (Spookhuis – Haunted House) next to the lagoon near our village!

Autumn is popping in

While many parts of Europe and North America are waiting for the Spring coming through Autumn is making way to South Africa. This morning it popped into our garden.

Again in the garden

Both, my wife and I, like flowers. Maybe it’s our Dutch background (“Dutch say it with flowers”) but more likely it has to do with the restoration and extension of a historical botanical garden in South Africa that has kept us busy between April 2000 and July 2011. Anyway you find me every day in …

Garden update pictured

As written a few months ago I like to picture plants and flowers in our little succulent garden. We are privileged to live in a climate (Stanford, South Africa) that allows a year-round floral display provided you have sourced the right vegetation. Succulent plants, cacti included, are not only water wise plants but also fascinating …