Close-up bird portraiture in a tree

Close-up of a mosquito

On show this weekend

Photo-graphics and close-up wildlife photographs of Herman van Bon exhibition in Greyton

Close up

Whoopy (close up)

How Close is a Close Up?

Not always that close


Red-hot-poker in-between black and white

Kniphofia praecox is the botanical name of this colorful plant from Southern Africa. It’s an excellent plant for the bird and bee garden. In the wild it grows in and near marshy places. I prefer close-up photographs of this plants in all grey-shades between white and black.

Whale Watching

Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa attracts many tourists for whale watching. Even in season (June-December) it can happen that there are days that you hardly see any and other days it’s a joyful sight seeing them play as far as the eye reaches. Yesterday, virtually the end of season, they were very quiet …