Grounded clouds


Clouds and flying Ducks

Another Sundowner

Maybe our village should be the Sundowner Capital of the Western Cape. Virtually every night a feast for the eye. First image facing South-West (20-30 degrees angle with sun and camera in 45 degrees angle with clouds for catching optimal details) and the second picture facing North.  

The Ripple-Effect

This afternoon at 13:55 hrs: 150mm lens, F 13.0, 1/500sec ISO 100. At the right time of the day clouds show their details. Not only the horizontal ripples but also the vertical ones. Click on picture to see those details. Picture as is (was 😉 )! 

Clouds this morning

Autumn has arrived in South Africa.


No, I’m not in an airplane. Just standing elevated or are the clouds hanging low?

Where there are clouds there is water


Clouds (abstract)

3 Images

Last nights front door shot