Love my coffee breaks in the courtyard 1

Bee approach

Coffee Sundowner at Sophies Mountain

Emu 3

(during early morning coffee)

Portrait of Zama

IsiXhosa Magic of ‘La Barista Extra-ordinaire’ in the region’s favourite coffee cafe.

Morning coffee on the verandah …

… and see how privileged we are  

Trendy places in Cape Town 2 (Truth Coffee)

A guided tour through the premises unveils quite a few of the secrets of good coffee making. Truth Coffee in Buitenkant Street in Cape Town is THE place for a delicious coffee. If you click the link you can read the Truth about coffee making… šŸ˜‰ ‘Steampunk’ is a relatively new trend; also in South …

Trendy places in Cape Town 1 HAAS Collective

Haas Collective in Buitenkant Street is one of those trendy coffee cafes in Cape Town (later today more about Truth coffee in the same street). Haas Collective combines coffees and foods with fun shopping. Not just ordinary crafts that you can buy anywhere but unique pieces by upmarket artisans and designers in the own region.

Morning Coffee, Morning cloud and a Morning Rainbow! GOOD MORNING!!!

Mrs. Jones loves her coffee

One of our neighbours, Adrienne Jones, loves to drink her coffee in the company of friends (I call them the ‘Mahjong Brigade’ for they play Mahjong) in the Coffee Corner in our village. Her picture (left) is one of a series of ‘Candid Portraits’ I published in this blog during the past month. Today a …

During my wake-up coffee this morning