A collector’s Dream

Most probably by far the largest (private) collection of curiosity and antiques in the Overberg region in the Western Cape, South Africa, can be found in some barns in the ‘outback’ of Napier. Skilled craftsman Mike Pope has been collecting the items during his entire life.   When visiting him he apologizes himself for the …

‘Once upon a time in Cape Town’

From the archives. Once off print (120×80 cm) sold to a collector from Germany.

The honey and pollen collector

Rare books

“Variety is life; uniformity is death” – Pyotr Kropotkin As a collector of rare books one must have a lucky day every now and then. Recently I stumbled in a Bric-à-brac shop in Hermanus (not the famous ‘first edition bookshop’ that also has some charming junk and kitsch figurines between the books) on a collection …

The Spirits of the Rock Collector

The rock collector