Street Art 3

If you walk through the so called ‘colored area’ in our village you will see somewhere a beautiful door with a brass knob and with a step in the front. This is where carpenter Slamat lives. He is as he says himself ‘a hobby painter’ and in his spare time he decorates houses in his neighbourhood with birds and flowers; just because people love to have these. Just occasionally it happens that somebody wants to have a different object such as a beetle or a cat. During the event Viva Art Fest yesterday we bumped into his front door. It’s a folly. “I always like to fool people a bit”, he laughs … The second picture is that of a painting on his house he’s still working on…


Street Art 1

Some snap shots I took this morning of ‘Street Art’ in the so called ‘colored area’ in our village. All paintings made by local artist Slamat. He is a self taught painter and he focusses himself merely on flora and fauna. Slamat loves gardening and it seems to me that gardening and painting are going well together. Today is the Viva Art Fest in the village. A group of artists are trying to involve local people from the ‘Colored Area’ to participate in wall painting. If this works out you’ll see the results tomorrow.