Sky exchange

… became so much easier since Skylum recently introduced Luminar 4. I didn’t use their skies (not suitable for big blow-ups) but used my own skies (saved in TIFF). The first picture is the original (as shot) and the rest are all with different skies. And in Luminar 4 there is a slider with which you can adjust the coloring of the rest of the picture so it matches (more or less) the sky. Not one hundred percent perfect but the beginning is there. The photoshop plugin also has easy to work with modules for portrait- and lanscape photography.

Beyond the chair …

This morning I shot shades of a chair from four different positions and in Photoshop I created five different blends (‘HDR-mergers’) and processed these individually with different brightness, detailing, coloring, gamma, etc.

Just for the sheer fun of it.

All thumbnails but is you click on it they enlarge.

_DSC9995 _DSC9994 _DSC9993 _DSC9992chair1 chair2 chair3 chair4 chair5