Curiosity in colour and B&W

Curiosity in colour and black and white

Harvest in colour and B&W

Midnight Moon (2 pictures)

There is every now and then a moon hype around the globe. A few days ago it was something as Blood- or Blue Moon. Most pictures I saw were shot at sunset and indeed that affects the colour (yellowish sunset colours). In the Western Cape, South Africa it was merely cloudy during the evening so …

Passing Klipdale (2 pictures)

Changing colours and light. These pictures were made 5 minutes after each other driving up North (60kmh).

Napier Sunrise (4 pictures)

(Napier, Western Cape, South Africa) When the sun is fully above the horizon the colours suddenly change.  


“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!” – Miley Cyrus  

Machalite Sunbird in colour and B&W

(2 pictures)

The colour of oiled wood


The colour of wood (revisited)

2 pictures

Light reflection (2 pictures to compare)

I never use flashlights or other artificial lighting equipment. Personally I think that you can make perfect pictures with advanced artificial lighting but you loose the ‘soul’ of the subject. For me it’s the challenge to use the available light and picture as is, followed by enhancing the ‘soul of the image’ with photo-processing software. …