The beautiful colours of a starling in the morning and in the afternoon

(2 pictures)

Colourful head

(colours very mildly enhanced)

Evening colours after the rain 2

Evening colours after the rain

Colours of light (revisited)

Sunrises and Sunsets in the Overberg

The Overberg region in the Western Cape, South Africa is known for it’s magnificent and sometimes unusual coloured (even saturated) golden hours. And I love the early hours photographing the never boring landscapes. Always a surprise. Most of the pictures did not need any post-processing (= in-camera settings); with a few I added a texture …

Angles 3: Portraits

A frontal picture of a face can be a great image but picturing with an angle adds some perspective and depth. And sometimes I also play with colours and textures …

Some turbulence and rainbow colours

Talking about rainbows: featuring The Great Disappearing Act

Another weekly photo challenge.

Garden Update 23 September 2014

Between 9 and 9:30 AM. Some pictures in B&W and others in colours. Most of them shot with opposing sunlight (within 30 degrees angle of lens)