My Rant ……

Now I going to rant ( 😉 ):


Dutch always say it with flowers....
Dutch always say it with flowers….

I don’t mind competition (keeps me alert, etc.) and the ‘official’ SAFREA-rates (see below) are a little bit overdone. But what I locally notice is that some freelancers are working for less than R 200.00 (EURO 16.00) PER DAY just to get a job and most of the time they deliver real poor quality. I can’t blame them that there are such a lousy squeezing clients around but I do put question marks at severely undercutting reasonable rates, not refusing a job and above all their lack of self-respect to do a job to their best abilities.
Here are the SAFREA-rates for photography:


(Disclaimer: these rates are representative of editorial, photojournalist and the below-the- line Safrea/freelance photographers, not of established agency advertising photographers)
Products, packshots:
• R1200-R1500 per hour
• R4500-R5500 per half day
• R8000-R11000 per full day
Interiors, architectural, portraits:
• R850-R1200 per hour
• R4000-R5000 per half day
• R7000-R9000 per full day
Commissioned Advertorial/Editorial
(not magazine-offered rates)
• R750-1200 per hour
• R3500 per half day
• R5000-R7000 per full day
Event Photography:
• R650-R750 per hour
• R3000–R3500 per half day
• R5000-R6000 per full day
Post-production and retouching:
• R250-R450 per hour
• R2 per Mb (Dropbox/ftp rate)
NOTE: There are differences in the business models of photographers who charge on an hourly/daily basis as per the above rates and those who charge according to formulas derived from a business costing methodology, which includes a full cost analysis such as lifecycle depreciation of equipment.

In the Top 3 (???)

Who would have thought that the archive picture of an unfinished wall ended up in the Top 3 of a national (South African) photo competition. Well … I certainly did not.

So I added this announcement to my personal FB-page this morning (including the picture) and suddenly people started to like the picture…..

And than I went into my FB-archives … when I first published this picture on Facebook …. Just 1 like …. Now I wonder with the present likes … is it because of the high ranking in a competition or what????


Today I’m pleased ….

TheBoss2…. and also surprised for this blog is mentioned in the Top 500 photo blogs by Norwegian/USA-based photographer Otto von Münchow. I knew that he was following this blog for sometime and also figured out that he occasionally really looked into it and seriously selected the postings he really likes. It’s not about the quantity of ‘likes’ (although it looks good) but the quality is what counts most at the end.

‘Pleased’ because I experience this listing as a kind of recognition and ‘surprised’ because there are so many excellent photographers out there.

I also realise that I still have a long way to go before I’m near to what I want to achieve. There is a lot of competition amongst photographers in a, so it seems, declining market. Competition is healthy; it keeps one alert and on the dot. Despite competition it’s also healthy to exchange with colleagues. I’ll tell you why with a true story: Once a South African farmer asked me why the agriculture in The Netherlands is at such a high level. And I explained to him that farmers in Holland all have their own agenda but also see the advantages of sharing knowledge and experiences. He could not understand ……

I’m very happy that there are some photographers around the globe with whom I can exchange information (up to a certain level 😉 ). Thanks to all of them and thanks also to all publishing their work in blogs, etc. At last but not at least thanks to Yvonne who daily checks my work out and telling the ‘blind man’ which pictures are ‘doubtfull’, etc. I learn every day.