8 in 1

For these composites I used 8 photos and fitted them together. The surface divisions are a composition in their own right.

To Grid or not To Grid

To picture a grid is a challenge but to use a grid to picture? Rule of thirds, Fibonacci, the architectural rule of 27.8, etc. etc. I all have them in the back of my head somewhere when on a shooting mission. Composition is all in the eye. This is my second submission of this week’s challenge. This first one …

Composition of a teaspoon on a table cloth



Shot just right

During last Saturday’s hike I was picturing some of the fellow beach ‘boys and girls’ when this bird flew over, completing the composition. The final version of this picture is now for sale via Saatchi & Saatchi and looks a bit different as you can see (link opens in new window).

The Amazing Sunset 2: with the sun in my back

The date is Sunday 12 May 2013 and the time somewhere between 6 and 8 PM. Location: a hidden spot along the lagoon near the village. Together with friends and a great colored family from Mount Pleasant (who also discovered this spot…) we experienced one of those numerous amazing sunsets our area has to offer. …

Balanced composition

Is it the photographical ‘Rule of  Thirds’ (33.33%) or the architectural approach of 2.78  (27.80%) that ‘guarantees’ a ‘balanced’ composition?

Manipulated rural landscapes

I needed 5 different pictures for this composition. The first one is the sky (mainframe) added with the photo’s of respectively the lorry going off-hill; 2 of the cows (one mirrored) plus the sheep. The pictures have one thing on common; they were all made within a radius of 2 kilometers in Papiesvlei nearby our …