A Fairy-tale from Stanford

A friend of us in the village used to make ‘faeries’. He made a good living out of it and even employed people from (hate that expression:) ‘previously disadvantaged communities‘ (which are BTW still marginalized). The faeries from Stanford, South Africa went all over the globe. But as with so many great new ideas and products; there are always those copycats who do it cheaper and often with inferior materials. The faeries are now made in … (guess….).

A fairy-tale is a surreal story and usually with a happy ending. Our friend’s fairy-tale did not have a happy ending but the remains of his own faeries are all over his place and tell their own story. When processing a selection of 2 images of desintegrating faeries in his garden I tried to emphasize the reality beyond.

But my friend and his wife are an optimistic couple. Soon they will start with a new range of angel faeries and let’s all hope that the follow up of this fairy-tale has a happy ending after all.

Faerie3web faerie2WEB