Rastafarian dance

Always singing and her walk is a dance alike

Viva la Terre

Earth Dance (fusion picture)  

The farmers like to dance in private

The Blue Full Moon Dance in Stanford, South Africa

Stoelendans (chair dance)

Through the Eyes of a Horse

“Only when you see through the eyes of the horse, can you lead the dance of the mind.” – Kathleen Gabica


(‘Farmers’ Dance’) There are farmers who can dance …. but they don’t want to show that to everyone.

A cultural evening

The neighbour asked us if we were interested in the performance of her grandson at the cultural evening of the Montessori School in nearby Hermanus. Why not? Nice neighbours and out in the country side we can use some ‘culture’… So we went yesterday evening … I must admit that I wasn’t all that enthusiastic …

OKAY Guys; Let’s dance the Flamingo