Happiness is a new wallpaper

No … I’m not kidding. For some it is! For me it’s poverty.

A play with objects in and around the house

Decoration detail

There is a special name …

….. for these big feeted ornaments. It has, if I recall it well, to do with Spaghetti … (?) … Anyone here in the blogosphere familiar with the name?

They fell out of the cage

Old Timer

It did not fit in The New Junk Shop in our village so the owner ‘planted’ this old timer in his garden.


Protecting the valuables ….

….. or keeping them dust free; is it Art or a combination of all. This imaginary is dedicated to the Stanford Table in our village that (re-)opens its doors this Thursday.

Light Snake

Restaurants like to decorate their terraces to attract more customers and add some (romantic???) sphere. In South Africa the ‘light snakes’ have become a booming business.

Imaginary: curtain 2

The last years there is a trend amongst winemakers to blend wines. ‘Blending’ is seemingly a trend, also amongst photographers.