Detail of HoYa flower after the rain (2 pictures)

Details in the garden

Yesterday afternoon in an hazy environment I shot a picture on Napier Mountain towards the Riviersonderend Mountains in the Overberg, South Africa; bridging a gap op 50km. Just experimenting with de-hazing software (Perfect Clear). It works in the sense that you see some details in the mountains but the software leaves a lot of noise. …

The fish went flyabout

The details are in the textures. For this imaginary I used sculptures of artist Ulrich Riek from Napier in South Africa.

Domestic details (picture gallery)

My car after the rain

Details (2 pictures, abstract)

Door and Windows

(Abstracts of details)

Harley Davidson

A few details (shot on a parking lot).

The Ripple-Effect

This afternoon at 13:55 hrs: 150mm lens, F 13.0, 1/500sec ISO 100. At the right time of the day clouds show their details. Not only the horizontal ripples but also the vertical ones. Click on picture to see those details. Picture as is (was ūüėȬ†)!¬†

The Museum

One of the finest educational museums to visit in the Western Cape, South Africa is the one dedicated to the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu¬†Dias (sometimes written as Diaz) in Mossel Bay. The nice thing is the lack of coffee corners, restaurants and ‘Made in China’ souvenir shops but somewhere hidden within the museum is a shop …