Beauty ‘Made in Stanford’ 2

This morning I added some enhancements to one of the pictures I made last Saturday. See also this recent posting. Any suggestions? Model: Natasha van der Merwe Styling: Hair by Belinda Accessories: Dhunga Photography and photo processing: GreenC Productions  

Beauty ‘Made in Stanford’

Model: Natasha Styling: Hair by Belinda Accessories: Dhunga

Photographing jewelry (finalizing) 2

A few days ago I posted about the ‘branding’ of Yvonne’s (my wife) jewelry or jewellery (for the Americanos). I’m not a graphical designer but one of our neighbors is. I was stuck with the header; in fact it was a point of sophisticated discussion (no plates broken, etc.) between me and my client. So …

Dhunga Earthworks Jewelry ‘Made in Stanford’

This is just a first trial; more Trial & Error to follow. Yvonne developed a way of binding earth particles in a natural environmental way. Combined with Sterling Silver and Swarovsky gems Yvonne creates jewelry under the ‘brand’ Dhunga Earthworks. And it’s selling (wholesale and retail via The Little Gem in Hermanus). Dhunga is Nepalese …