The Difference

Yes there is a difference between stones from the Atlantic- and those from the Indian Ocean. Really; shot this picture at the Southernmost tip of the African Continent.

Passing Klipdale (2 pictures)

Changing colours and light. These pictures were made 5 minutes after each other driving up North (60kmh).

Yesterday was a good day

Today just started (9 AM in South Africa) but yesterday I had a very good day. I worked on two versions of one puzzle picture. In the near future you will see more of my puzzle pictures adventure. The ones I created yesterday I’m specially fond of. The original picture is made at the footpath …


HDR-fusion with two different programs (Photoshop and Photomatic). Tonemapping with PerfectSuite. There is a difference between the two. Anybody any idea which is which?

Shot from the roof

I make most of my pictures in and around our house but was never on top. Those few meters make a difference. Note: color of background is influenced by sea mist (and not Photoshop).

Good morning from under the Bread Tree leafs

‘Bread Trees’ or cycads belong to the oldest known plant species in this world. They survived the Age of the Dino- and other Saurusses and they are still amongst us. In South Africa the indigenous cycads are protected plants and, by law, possession  is only allowed with an official permit. But who cares? While many …


There is Dagga and there is Dagga; the first being the Cannabis sativa (from which marihuana and hash hare derived) and the second is the Leonotis leonurus or the ‘Wild Dagga’. The Wild Dagga grows naturally in many (subtropical) parts of the world. But mentioning the word Dagga to a local ‘law enforcement officer’ can …