Need a nap

Our dog Rits is 90 years old (1 dog year = 7 human years) and nowadays he needs a nap after every doggy walk.

I am (out of the) Blue. How do you do.

Abstract 2

Detail of our ‘stationary’ dog we took as souvenir from a trip to the Far East 15 odd yrs ago. It’s now our own ‘Tibet Rottweiler’. 😉 😉 😉

That’s a big, big pool….

Watch Dogs

It’s the little one to watch for….

He’s a big boy

Hi, I am Vino and I am the one who welcomes you for for a superb wine tasting experience here in Stanford at Springfontein Winery. Ain’t I a beauty of a great Dane?

Experiment with shades 3: The dog

Shades are a reflection in a way. Just a mini-serie of 4. See for yourself.

Lazy dog day

For Rits, our dear lab, every day is nowadays a lazy day. According to human reckoning he’d be 84 yrs of age. And yes; the elderly deserve their rest.

Just had a bath; NOT happy

Bird on the stoop

Our labrador is 12 yrs old and that equals the human age of 84. As can happen with very young and very old people food particles are dropped around and every morning there is always one smart bird looking for residues on our stoop (the South African word for verandah). The bird comes in very …