The Beach Dog

Pictured a very lively dog along the beach in Franskraal in South Africa.

I see….

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  by Herman van Bon Photography


Our dog is very focussed….

Rits and the ‘Tibetan Pitbull’

November 1997 is a memorable month and my back still aches by the thought of it. We went for a short break-away to Shri Lanka and on the way back to the airport in Colombo Yvonne saw a life-size wooden dog in a shop window and once she set her mind on something it becomes …

Today I shot a Springbok

No… not one of those South African rugby players but a real Springbok; just 500 meters from our house here in Stanford, South Africa. It’s more of a snapshot. In my left hand I had the leech to keep our dog in control and in the other hand the camera.