Candid Portraits 43: Cheers

According to statistics 30% of the South African population is addicted to alcohol and 8% to drugs. Statistics in this country are not always very precise but it provides an indication. In the Western Cape with the wine producing areas the alcohol addiction is even worse. According to a social worker we spoke a few years ago in Robertson (on of the four main wine producing areas) around 70 percent of the born and bred Robertsonians of ALL walks of life are born with a Phetal Alcohol Syndrome (PAS). Cheers!!!



A view from my front door. The ‘disturbance’ in this idyllic picture is caused by the fence that surrounds the primary school and its play grounds. A fortune is invested in school security in this country. Wonder if it’s really necessarily here in the village where the crime rate is relatively low (lower than in the average European or American city!!!). And yes, indeed, Stanford is very unlike Cape Town (if you believe in statistics -?- globally with highest murder rate outside war zones) where the majority of people live in shacks and in poverty (but that’s what you don’t read in the travel guides).

Most crime in South Africa is committed within poorer communities and is merely related to alcohol and drug addiction. Another statistic figure (I see statistics as a kind of indicator): 30 percent of South Africans (of all walks of life) is addicted to one or another …




Aldous Huxley once wrote ‘Doors of Perception’ in which he described experiments with hallucinating drugs. Last week we made a trip to the hot and dry Little Karoo in South Africa and when I was looking through the pictures today I made some associations; one of these was ‘Doors of Perception’, another the classic movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. And I love peacocks …..