The land was dry (2 pictures)


As usual one can be sure that if you irrigate your garden after some dry and warm weeks; it will rain within hours. I irrigated the garden last night and yes; a few hours after we got blessings from the sky … Anyway during the ‘sunset irrigation’ I made a B&W and a FC picture …

Dry fishing

It’s Hot and Dry in The Little Karoo

Early Karoo Morning in Black and white

Little Karoo Sunrise (6 pictures)

There are people who find ‘spiritual enlightment’ in a decorated (bit of paint, a few candles) pig stable in McGregor in South Africa and if they are happy with it … fine with us. They pay a little fortune for that and that is fine for the owner … šŸ˜‰ We went budget friendly into …

Winter Green

Just a few shots along the provincial road nearby. The Western Cape is a Winter rainfall area with relatively dry Summers. The fresh green is what most people expect during Spring. Here you can experience that during Winter. And also the local wood logger is in the green.

Shadow drying