Earth Hour in Stanford

Some turbulence in the sky.

When I looked this week into the festivities dedicated to Earth Hour within South Africa I discovered that it in fact had nothing to do with ‘carbon footprint’ and so on. It’s all about food, drink and parties and here and there, for one hour only, the lights are switched off such as those of Table Mountain. We kept it quiet in our street. The local municipality did not switch the street lights of as promised but than these lights are very low in energy use (contrary with those in Cape Town BTW). We just sat on the verandah in the dark and watched the movement above us. One of the neighbours went to Hermanus with the family to celebrate the Earth Hour party over there; seemingly not realising the ‘carbon footprint’ the car left behind ….. 😉


Earth Hour 2013 (revisited)

This morning I was looking back at the multitude of events organised in our little village during 2013; from horse- to dog shows, life performances of artists from around the globe, cricket day and Flocktober Festival, etc. Sometimes such an event attracts only locals and sometimes from all over.

My dearest event of 2013 is Earth Hour. It attracted only a few hundred people but there is more to it.

Stanford was the first place in South Africa to organise Earth Hour and since the PR-budget of a small village is nothing in comparison with the millions and millions Cape Town is spending to promote itself …. etc. etc. So World’s Top CopyCat City also had to organise this event (always wondering if there are people in Cape Town with original ideas) but that’s targeted on mass tourism; the main event being switching the lights of the Table Mountain off …. (for 1 hour ……)

Here in Stanford Earth Hour has still the intimacy of people who really care about sustainability and that makes all the difference. In the reprocessed picture you will see local ‘fire worker’ Anya and in the background local musician Danny in the Loop (Danny ‘runs’ on solar power!).


Earth Hour after some photoshopping

Last night I posted some images I made earlier that evening during the Earth Hour celebration in our village. This morning I took a few to the ‘photoshop’ and this is the result.

Something about the history of Earth Hour in South Africa: It started all here in this little village, somewhere in nowhere between the whales (Hermanus) and the sharks (Gansbaai) in the Western Cape. A year later Cape Town followed but the difference is that in Stanford Earth Hour is celebrated in the way it should…..


Earthour1WEB_DSC3712WEB2 Earthhour6web