The Beauty in the dust

(Ode to my wife Yvonne de Wit who designs and create original jewellery from treasures of the South African Earth)   β€œThe moon is bland in colour. I call it shades of grey … And to find orange soil on the moon was a surprise.” Gene Cernan, astronaut, Apollo 10, Apollo 17 When artist Yvonne …

Food and Wine pairing

We recently had a delicious food and wine pairing at Creation Wines in the ‘Hemel en Aarde’ Valley. We ended up somewhere between heaven and earth. Three snapshots.  

Haiku Sunrise

Clouds lit from beneath Here comes the Sun Lifestream of the Earth.

What on Earth…

Just look around…

Dancing trees (Haiku)

In between Earth and Heaven Two Trees Tango

Dancing trees (Haiku)

In between Earth and Heaven Two Trees Tango

It’s misty (3 pictures)

This is about Earth; this week’s photo challenge. I’m not a doom thinker but looking at the contemporary (contradictory) environmental and population developments the future of the Earth hangs in a cloud of mist. Still beautiful though!


Once upon a time there were many, many working windmills in South Africa, pumping water from deep below the surface or the earth. Many are still there standing without a purpose but as part of a past era. Some are still working like this one at Vaalvlei near our village.  

Sky moves …

… or is it the Earth?

The day the moon fell to earth

(not one of my better ones …. πŸ˜‰ )