Fresh from the sea

That is the best fish to eat.

Mantra of a ‘Hottentots God’ (praying mantis)

Mantra of a Mantis: “Eat or be eaten!”

Can I eat it?

Life: Eat or be Eaten


Last week I finished the assignment for 8 (60×90 cm) posters for a new restaurant here in the village. And ┬áthe guests are raving about it I understood this weekend. The new restaurant (Springfontein Eats) is the first Michelin Star rated restaurant in South Africa. The kitchen (with permanently 3 chefs) is larger than the …

Visitors of the South

Imaginary of the Esplanade in Hermanus, South Africa. It’s South Africa’s whale-watching hotspot for tourists but most of them eat and drink on the terraces …. and … , seemingly, forget about the whales…. More eye for what is on the menu…