The effect of a small domestic fire on its surroundings (2 pictures)

Detail of the sky

Stretched it a little bit for that painterly effect.


Ephemeral is not a word one daily uses but daily continuously witnessed. Just look at the sky and the effect it has on a landscape. Ever changing colours and spheres and that also makes it a challenge to picture a landscape at the right day and time.  

Sunrise in the Garden

Our village (Stanford, South Africa) is one of those places blessed with magnificent skies. At night we see the Milky Way and everything between sunrise and sunset provides us superb views, also down to earth. Reason of course to make 12 pictures in the garden during the sunrise. What most people don’t realize is the …


Just next to our gate is a white flowering hibiscus. Virtually the whole day in the shade. We lighted it a bit with a solar powered (blueish) LED-light last night. And this is the effect:

The cutting edge technology of a mirror

Just a look in a mirror with whetted and polished edge in a gradient. No photoshop tricks but I turned the original picture upside down for the effect.