My work in a gallery

Tomorrow some of my photographs are ‘on show’ in a groups exhibition at The Stanford Harvest in our village. All local artists. Thought it was time to share my work with people from the region. Snapshot of my work before adjustment of the spotlights. The images are all part of a series of, what I call, …

‘Tree of Light’ (work title)

This is a scale model of a sculpture I made a few years ago. The corten steel sculpture I have in mind should become 6 to 8 meters high and could serve as a self-sufficient landmark with integrated photovoltaic elements, not visible from below.

Dolly 3

All elements in this imaginary are shot with a low resolution ‘snapshooter’

Dolly 2

All elements in this imaginary are shot with a low resolution ‘snapshooter’

Dolly 1

All elements in this imaginary are shot with a low resolution ‘snapshooter’

New FaceBook profile picture

Just uploaded our new FaceBook profile picture. Assembled of (self-)portraits I made yesterday evening and added two flower elements. Still needs improvement but for the moment it works.

Some flower elements

For my ‘imaginaries’ I use ‘elements’ of different pictures. Here are some flower elements assembled in one image. All flowers are from our own garden.


The Sunset in the Stanford Valley inspired me for this imaginary: The ‘elements’ used are those of an informal settlement nearby (right), the cat of Matjiesfontein, a flying heron, my first photo model Karuna, her eye and a beach boy from Hermanus.

Imaginary; play with elements

It was Pablo Picasso who once said: “Everything you can imagine is real“. With modern photo-processing software it’s relatively easy to loosen elements from their original settings in photographs and combine them in a new picture. The new image can look realistic or not. This time I choose for the latter. I love to play …

Karuna revisited 1

Sometime ago I did a photo session with Karuna, a 13 year old girl from our village. At this stage I’m redoing the portraits I made in photoshop. Just a bit of experimenting. All picture-elements shot in our garden and here in Stanford. Today the first revisited image. Three more to follow this week.