Digitally solved a drought problem

In the original image this horse was grazing in a field with barely any green. So I changed this in a more pleasant environment.


Sometimes plants do strange things. They don’t grow the way you expect them to grow. Some cacti species are very vunerable for influences of their environment and shape themselves into a cristate and with a cristate you never know how it develops. These pictures are of a Mammillaria specie in our garden.

Abstract 26

Trunk (3) at Platbos Forest

The Bird-Watchers


Abstract 25

Trunk (2) at Platbos Forest

Abstract 24

Trunk (1) at Platbos Forest

Land Art?


Yes; it’s Freesia time of the year here in South Africa..

Abstract 19

Abstract 18

And another Geometrical Study of a Solar Panel (one more to follow).