The Citadel

A year ago I did a land art project with tractor and cultivator somewhere outside the village. The farmer who gave me permission and the equipment also gave it the name ‘The Citadel’. Who said that farmers don’t have a creative mindset and are visual gifted?

My first light box

Since I’m asked to photograph jewellery for commercial purposes I have to invest in a light box and other equipment. But first let me experiment with a homemade light-box and as soon as I have some experience with it I can always buy a professional made one but than I know what I want. Maybe a new one is not even needed (I hope). Anyway in this gallery the not yet fully ready homemade light-box plus the first shots (made in the shade without artificial lightning …). Not perfect at all but there is hope … 😀



It’s not easy to make pictures of birds if your equipment is limited to a maximum of 300mm. An 800mm lens is the least one should have to shoot wildlife including birdlife. But these lenses are from a budgetary point of view out of reach for many of us; especially if you want good quality. So simple souls like me have to stick to a bit of luck and cropping in photo-processing software.

Anyway, this week I gave it a try, in-between shooting a spectacular sunrise. Tomorrow (next posting) “More Aircraft”; part of it grounded….

_DSC3325web _DSC3327web_DSC3250web _DSC3251web _DSC3255web