Prime location

For the price of a loft in central London you can buy this prestigious estate in Napier, South Africa. Set on 1 hectare landscaped garden with swimming pool, ponds, etc., it’s a home for the entertainer.

Selection Springfontein Eats (drinks too): Eating Poems

Since a month or so there is a new restaurant in (or better: just outside) the village. Not one of 13 in a dozen but it’s one with the first Michelin Star rating in South Africa. Ain’t we lucky! One can use many, many words in bragging about the food but I just quote one …

The Ruins

Just wonder if Lady Ann Bernard stayed there in 1798. For the outsiders: Lady ann Bernard was the traveling wife of the British governor. Thanks to her diary we know how people were living in the rural part of the colony. The Ruins are part of the Springfontein Winery Estate here in Stanford.