It’s a small world out there

Cropped macro shot (canon 2.8 100mm) of an Euphorbia flower with a diameter of 4 mm.

Euphorbia specie

Euphorbia Ammat …

… originates from North Yemen. Ours (in South Africa) has a different pattern)



Deformation of an Euphorbia Caput-Meduseae


Euphorbia obesum and Euphorbia symmetricum are both originating from South Africa. Endemic to the Noorsveld somewhere North of Port Elizabeth/East London

I am a Proud South African

Hi, I am Euphorbia bupleuripholia and I am a Proud South African. Although the sun comes and goes this Sunday it’s my time of the year to shine! If you want to know more about me and my family there is this awesome website that will open in a new window on your screen.

The fabulous one …

Good Morning! I am the fabulous Euphorbia Caput Meduseae and now is the time to flower. BTW I originate from Table Mountain and surrounds.


Looking into details of plants stimulates my imagination. This (in Color and Black & White) is a tiny leaf with thorns of an ‘Euphorbia akmat’ from North Yemen; one of the succulent plants in our collection. Bottom picture is the plant itself which, after one and a half year on its new spot, is starting …

All those little faces

What you see is an ‘Euphorbia gymnocalycioides’; a very rare succulent plant that originates from Ethiopia. It’s very seldom that one sees this plant in cultivation but this beauty is one of the gems in our garden. And look closely …. all those little faces.