Lightbox in progression

Sometime ago I posted about a lightbox for photographing jewellery and other small items.

I’m almost there. The only problem is the fabric I need for the inside. The quality (very refined) of cotton seems to be unavailable in South Africa so I am waiting for a parcel from abroad.

The first trials however (cheese cloth!!!) are not too shabby and once the right fabric is in I can go ahead. Will install the box in my workshop/studio (instead of living room!) and it will look neat. Will keep you informed.

For now a gallery with the present set up and a few trial results. Light-bulbs are 2950 Kelvin instead of daylight or other recommended bulbs. Sounds a bit weird but try it yourself. With right white balance choice on camera in combination with that in DxO Pro Optics these bulbs (Eurolux R80 reflector) provide the best solution.