Elk huis heeft z’n kruis ..

Literally translated from Dutch: ‘Every home has its cross’. The english equivalent of this expression however is ‘There is a skeleton in every cupboard’

We only have one cupboard  but there are many crosses in the house. Just to show you off a few in this gallery:


15000 hits

At 7 AM this morning this site achieved the milestone of 15000 hits. Not too shabby I hope. Thanks to all my followers and the others ‘who hit the nail on its head’ (Dutch expression). For all of you a flower parade. Dutch always say it with flowers; especially the ones living in South Africa.

Thank you!!!

But first of all thanks to the ‘love of my life’ Yvonne. Without her … ah… well.. 🙂



Drip hunting in the garden

“The Early Bird catches the Worm” is an old English expression. Translated for photographers: “The Early Bird catches the Drips”. Early one morning, with the camera settings on macro, I went drip hunting in the garden.

_DSC6215_DSC6223 _DSC6217 _DSC6218 _DSC6220 _DSC6222_DSC6229