The eye of the ‘Black-Eyed Susan’ is red

In the eye of the King of the Jungle

An eye for an eye

In the eye of the beholder

It’s a black and white version of an image that was exhibited (groups exhibition) in LAC (Los Angeles Art Center) in the USA Dec/Jan 2015/16. The original was sold on the spot It even got a review in the Los Angeles Times (Look under ‘reviews’).

In the eye of the beholder

Me in frame

To Grid or not To Grid

To picture a grid is a challenge but to use a grid to picture? Rule of thirds, Fibonacci, the architectural rule of 27.8, etc. etc. I all have them in the back of my head somewhere when on a shooting mission. Composition is all in the eye. This is my second submission of this week’s challenge. This first one …


Many interpretations for this Week’s Photo Challenge ‘Enveloped’. It can be and landscape under a rainbow, a reflection in a drip, a bird in the mist, the inside of a flower, a reflection in the eye of a dog, etc. etc.  

The Twinkle is in the Eye

Weekly Photo Challenge Twinkle My Twinkle of the Day: The twinkle in the eye of an African Grey (parrot)    

Vintage style Nguni

(Imaginary) Nguni is the collective noun for African cattle. True free rangers with a human eye (well … at least this one has 😉 )

Visitors of the South

Imaginary of the Esplanade in Hermanus, South Africa. It’s South Africa’s whale-watching hotspot for tourists but most of them eat and drink on the terraces …. and … , seemingly, forget about the whales…. More eye for what is on the menu…