Lightbox in progression

Sometime ago I posted about a lightbox for photographing jewellery and other small items.

I’m almost there. The only problem is the fabric I need for the inside. The quality (very refined) of cotton seems to be unavailable in South Africa so I am waiting for a parcel from abroad.

The first trials however (cheese cloth!!!) are not too shabby and once the right fabric is in I can go ahead. Will install the box in my workshop/studio (instead of living room!) and it will look neat. Will keep you informed.

For now a gallery with the present set up and a few trial results. Light-bulbs are 2950 Kelvin instead of daylight or other recommended bulbs. Sounds a bit weird but try it yourself. With right white balance choice on camera in combination with that in DxO Pro Optics these bulbs (Eurolux R80 reflector) provide the best solution.

Funny thing

Funny thing happened to me yesterday: Says a (real) SOMEBODY to me that, in general, South Africans don’t like new things such as my idea and ‘execution’ of ‘imaginaries’ but that it wonderfully fits in the predicted fashion and other trends for the next 5+ years in Europe and America. ……

Next thing he shows me on his laptop the latest developments in the production of yarns and fabrics and I’m amazed ….