Local Talent

Napier (South Africa) has got talent; we all saw that recently with the theatre spectacle ‘Wonderland’ in the School of Skills in Napier (next posting). A talent is also Abigail Camille. Many know her as one of the faces of ‘Pascal of Napier’ (local cuisine). I’ve used her a few times as a model and …

Jewellery presentation

Original jewellery designs and if you read in the caption on Youtube the designs are not purchased by ‘mainstream trendy’ but by a niche within ‘mainstream grey’ which are in fact the trendsetting women with a heart for quality and originality.

Funny thing

Funny thing happened to me yesterday: Says a (real) SOMEBODY to me that, in general, South Africans don’t like new things such as my idea and ‘execution’ of ‘imaginaries’ but that it wonderfully fits in the predicted fashion and other trends for the next 5+ years in Europe and America. …… Next thing he shows …

Abstract 28

Beads in the wall

Let’s focus on purple …


In reality it’s purple and white with a hint of yellow …

… but Black & White is also beautiful.

One of ……

….. the two beach girls who modelled for the Imaginary serie ‘Silhouettes’ (that are not real silhouettes) which I start later today… 🙂

Imaginary: curtain 2

The last years there is a trend amongst winemakers to blend wines. ‘Blending’ is seemingly a trend, also amongst photographers.

What did I do?

Simple; just e-merging. What’s the idea? T-shirt print maybe…(?)…. Who is going to buy? You tell me!

Beauty ‘Made in Stanford’ 2

This morning I added some enhancements to one of the pictures I made last Saturday. See also this recent posting. Any suggestions? Model: Natasha van der Merwe Styling: Hair by Belinda Accessories: Dhunga Photography and photo processing: GreenC Productions