The grass is always greener …

… at the other side of the fence

The fence

Behind the fence

Nightlife in the countryside; a porcupine running along the fence.

The Cow that breaks through every fence

What some cows do for a portrait shoot.

2 Fences in 1

The Hole in the Fence



A view from my front door. The ‘disturbance’ in this idyllic picture is caused by the fence that surrounds the primary school and its play grounds. A fortune is invested in school security in this country. Wonder if it’s really necessarily here in the village where the crime rate is relatively low (lower than in …


Garden going vertical

Vertical gardening is a trend but is not new. New is that thanks to contemporary knowledge and modern thinking a vertical garden does not limits itself to a creeper agains a wall or a hedge. If you ‘google’ you will find numerous examples all over the globe; from Pakistan Eastwards to Afghanistan. Even veggie gardens …