The fire

It’s not only California that suffers from fire during the Summer months. It’s Summer here in South Africa and almost no day without a fire in the Western Cape. Recently, for the second time in a month, just outside our village.


The effect of a small domestic fire on its surroundings (2 pictures)

Holy smoke … (2 pictures)

A fire raging tonight West of the village. Snapshot with 300mm Sigma lens (1/5 sec; A 4.5 no tripod) from a distance of about 5 km in the ‘twilight zone’.

Post Overberg Fires

The past few weeks a surface with the surface of the Cape Peninsula (Cape Town) went up in flames in the Overberg. It did not get into the national news for the journos/editors in the Mother City seemingly think that South Africa ends at the Hottentots Mountains 50 km East of Cape Town ( 😀 ). …

Still fire in the air


Yesterday I published some snappy shots of the massive fire raging nearby. In the meantime I worked on 5 of these pictures. But first the 4 I shot when the fire went fully out of control…. Holy Smokey …    


This evening, about 100 meters from our house. The fire was under control they said. I always learned that a fire is under control when you don’t see any smoke… (unprocessed pictures)

The fire went through the window

The Sky on Fire

Landscapes in the Overberg 6

Farmers are the large scale landscapers on a global scale. Here in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, more specific in and around our village Stanford, it’s not different to the rest of the world. Every human intervention in nature leaves traces and around here I enjoy the photogenic gems on my way to …