Porridge on fire

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Gone missing

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During the fire last week our bird feeder went missing while the helicopters flew over. Just a thought:

And the ‘heat is on’ again

A ‘veld fire’ is not so easy to distinguish; up to 14 days afterwards it can flare up from underground. That’s what happend here this afternoon 2 days after. Luckily the local fire brigade was on standby (for checking up purposes) on a nearby farm. Now (Friday Feb 1 at almost 6 PM; a few …

And again fire…

We can’t even go one day away from this village. There is always something happening. This time the third ‘veld fire’ in a few months time and this time on our side of the village. Luckily for us the wind was in our favor towards the ocean but the fire fighters in this area are …

‘Black and Bleak’; a week after

I’m not an ambulance chaser and neither do I chase police cars and fire-brigades although I’m very much aware that this would enable me to make sensational disaster action pictures. I just waited this time for a week after a devastating fire destroyed 20,000 hectare natural fynbos between Hermanus and our village (Stanford) in the …

Three essentials for life

Water, fire and light are three essentials for  life. But what about perspective? That’s what photoshop did…..