A few flowers

Some of last year’s Flowers for a fresh Beginning of the New Year

Flower Parade 1

First of a series of 2 of some flowers in our garden (partly already published)

Just a few flowers in our garden

Flowers for romance

Two versions of a flowering Adenium

After the Winter Rain ….

… flowers are popping up everywhere …

Abstract 7

(Flowers enlighten)

YouTube with Landscapes, Birds and Flowers

Especially made for those travelers and others who are curious about the area I live in: a YouTube presentation of 446 seconds with photographs of landscapes, birds and flowers in the Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa. This is a ‘rough cut’ (with a spelling error in the title!!! 😉 which nobody has noticed yet….) and …

And now it’s open …

… see also previous posting… 🙂 Protea is one of these fynbos genera and we are living in the middle of it. The Overberg region is the global center for the protea culture. Farmers grow them in plantations and also collect flowers in their ‘veld’. They need to have several permits for that. Where-ever in …