Forest look from the inside

The forest wanderer

Breakfast in the forest

Mystical moment

During a hike we entered an open space in an ancient forest and suddenly everybody stopped talking, sat down and looked around wondering about the sudden silence….. Just the click of the camera …

Platbos Forest

Official the Southern Most Ancient forest of the African Continent. (two detail pictures)

B. in Forest

Full Moon Forest Walk in the Twilight Zone as imagined behind the windscreen of my car during a rainy evening

An imaginary based on a blend of last night’s sunset pictures of which one I posted earlier today.  

If birds flock in a forest there might be a snake in the undergrowth ….

Le Labyrinth Cretienne dans la Forêt Ancienne

A title in French always sounds ‘très chique’ 😉 Translated it means ‘The Cretan Labyrinth in the Ancient Forest’. You see; French is not that difficult except when you are in conversation with French people because they talk so fast that it seems that they forget half of the words… Anyway this is an imaginary …

It’s spooky out there ….

…. with millions of (invisable) eyes watching you and natural creatures so weird on your way through the ancient Platbos Forest….. (Imaginary)