Enjoying the fragrance

You may enjoy the look of it …

… but we also indulge ourselves with the fragrance of this Frangipani plumeria (origin: Jamaica). Are you jealous now??? 😉

You are missing the fragrance…

(Frangipani: origin Jamaica)

Rambling rose

Time of the year in South Africa: the old-fashioned rambling rose is flowering and what a fragrance!!!

You are missing the fragrance

This Fenestraria specie (don’t ask which one! 😉 ) originates from Namibia and Namaqualand in South Africa. Beautiful to look at but you miss the extra-ordinary sweet/fruity fragrance; a feast for your nose .. Flower is fully open during a few hours in the afternoon.

The old fashioned rose …

with a true natural fragrance.

Romancing the Fragrance

Good Morning. Can you smell me?

Some people think my ‘fragrance’ is “Awesome Brilliant” 😀 😀 😀

And I, my Ladies and Gentlemen …

…. I am a Pelargonium and originate from South Africa. You may look at me on your screen and I feel pity for all who can’t experience my extra-ordinary fragrance. Yes that includes you… 😉

It’s only late afternoon that I open my heart and spread my love

(Fenestraria specie; a succulent plant from Southern Africa which flowers spreads a wonderful fragrance)