Golden Hour at the front door

Morning view from the front door

Sunset shot at the front door


The No-front-door house in Stanford, South Africa

Last night’s serenity from the front door

The sky at 6 pm this evening


Shot from the verandah and (sunset) shot from the front door of our ‘estate’ šŸ˜‰

And again I could not resist THE Front Door this evening (3 pictures)

The sunsets (sunrises too) in our village are very tempting ….. šŸ˜€

At last: My Front Door

I hardly go out to make pictures. In and around the house or during a doggy walk I find enough subjects worth to picture. But very soon I will start travelling again; just to keep myself refreshed and ‘rejuvenated’… Recently I published several sunset pictures shot through the front door of our ‘modest dwelling’ in …

Tomorrow a picture of the Front Door ….

… but first last night’s Sunset.

From the Front Door again …

… Last night’s sunset