Fun picture: ‘Size is relative’

Morning with Alex

(fun composites)  

Baboon Fun

Golden Hour with Alex

Composite fun pictures

Dolly Me

Fun ‘Selfie’ or ‘The Art of Making a Self-Portrait

Fun Picture: Keep it up guys

Distraction at the finish

Shot at the finish of a local marathon. It was funny how she overtook him.

Garden Fun

Beyond the chair …

This morning I shot shades of a chair from four different positions and in Photoshop I created five different blends (‘HDR-mergers’) and processed these individually with different brightness, detailing, coloring, gamma, etc. Just for the sheer fun of it. All thumbnails but is you click on it they enlarge.  

Portrait of Yogi the cat

This portrait is dedicated to a ‘lawyer’ in Holland who makes astonishing portraits of people; just for the sheer fun of it. Suspect (! šŸ™‚ ) that for many pictures he’s using his gorgeous secretaries as model! And ‘Ooggetuige’ blogs them. Enjoy his pictures here (opens new window). Oh… uh… Yogi is done in monochrome; …