Garden going vertical

Vertical gardening is a trend but is not new. New is that thanks to contemporary knowledge and modern thinking a vertical garden does not limits itself to a creeper agains a wall or a hedge. If you ‘google’ you will find numerous examples all over the globe; from Pakistan Eastwards to Afghanistan. Even veggie gardens creeping up multi-floor apartment buildings.

Our horizontal garden only needs (for the moment) good maintenance and that made us decide to go vertical but than in the traditional way with creepers trailing along a fence. Last Autumn we planted some creepers along the fence and this Spring we experience the first new growth. In a later stage we plan to cover the walls of the house with hanging pots with water wise  colorful green.


Winter Green

Just a few shots along the provincial road nearby. The Western Cape is a Winter rainfall area with relatively dry Summers. The fresh green is what most people expect during Spring. Here you can experience that during Winter. And also the local wood logger is in the green.

_DSC7545 _DSC7540

It’s red and green with everything in between but we prefer to see it from Black to White

These pictures of a Kalanchoe thyrsifolia (origin: Madagascar) are dedicated to Odile d’Harnois of Lectures au Coeur (freely translated: ‘Lectures of the Heart).

Pictures are like movies; some you like to see in full color and others in B&W with everything in between._DSC6447_DSC6460