Greyton Art Walk

Last weekend me and my wife Yvonne (Jewellery designer) were exhibiting our work during the Greyton Art Walk. It is one of the largest art events in the Western Cape, South Africa (and certainly the best organised). We did well. Thank you!!!

With love

Necklace made by my wife Yvonne. This weekend for sale at the Greyton Art Walk in Greyton, South Africa (2-4 December). It is one of the largest art events in the Western Cape, South Africa. Two weeks ago all accommodation in and around Greyton was fully booked; merely by ‘arty’ Capetonians and Gautengers.

(Photo model: Spanish beauty Maria Angeles-Porcel)

I shot ….

Chris Cloete; the driving force behind the Greyton Art Walk a few years ago.

The Greyton Art Walk is one of the major art events in the Western Cape, South Africa. This weekend (2-4 December) in Greyton, South Africa.

Try not to miss it

In the meantime preparations for one of the largest art events in the Western Cape, South Africa: The Greyton Art Walk this weekend (2-4 December).

Over 100 selected artist are spread around in the little town. The main venue is the DR-Church Hall. You will find me there with some photographic art.

Snap impression of the Greyton Art Walk

What a well organised event. 70 artists around the village and we (me and my wife Yvonne) were in the center of it all; in the Art Hall.

THE Interview

Interview in GIGARTE (by previous Prado Madrid photography curator Georgeta Negraru)

It’s a rare occasion that I exhibits in galleries and art events BUT the Tulbagh Arts Festival and the Greyton Art Walk two of those exceptions. You will find me in the Town Hall 27-29 September in Tulbagh and in the weekend of 15 November in the DR-Church Hall in Greyton. Both towns are within an easy 2 hours drive from Cape Town.

Or you can visit the studios/gallery in Napier

On show this weekend

Photo-graphics and close-up wildlife photographs of Herman van Bon exhibition in Greyton

Some of my photo-graphics on show this weekend at the Greyton Art Walk next to some close-up wildlife pictures.

The DR-Church Hall in Greyton is, for the occasion, baptised into the Greyton Art Centre and that’s where you can find me.
OPEN: Friday from 1 to 5PM; Saturday from 10AM to 5PM and Sunday from 10AM to 1PM

You are welcome!

That was Greyton. Good morning

That was Greyton. Good Morning. With thanks to many such as John Williams and Calli Williams for their hospitality. The organisation of Greyton Art Walk for hosting me and Yvonne de Wit; Philip John and Brenda Parker from BBos for excellent company and Via’s for catering. Special thanks to visitors of our stalls for genuine interest and of course all those who acquired our works (from Greyton to New York and London in the UK). BTW I experienced since a long time the loopholes in negotiating with a London based art collector and his Polish wife 😉 That was really fun!

What a wonderful event.

This weekend me and Yvonne participated in the Greyton Art Walk. And we did well together with artists Philip John and Brenda Parker from Baardskeerdersbos. This year’s edition of the Greyton Art Walk had record sales. Known South African painter Gillian Hahn insisted on a picture of her with one of my canvas prints (120x80cm)

Later today more.

New book

Today my second book (limited edition of 50 + 1 for myself) is published. The first one (‘Landscapes in and around Napier’) was virtually sold out in the pre-order phase. This second one (‘landscapes in the Overberg’) is also running fast before published. Only 6 or 7 left but these I hope to sell during the ‘Greyton Art Walk’ this weekend.

Here a few of the pictures.