Courtyard birding

Courtyard birding

While the Hadeda Ibis applied for a job as photo model a couple of Malachite Sunbirds was feeding their offspring

Hadeda in flight


Love my coffee breaks in the courtyard 11

Question: Why is a hadeda always screaming when high up in the air? Answer: This African bird is afraid of heights

Hadeda Ibis

Hadeda Ibis ((Bostrychia hagedash) is a large bird with a habitat in Southern Africa; mainly near streams and rivers. In flight it utters a long and loud ‘haaaa’ or ‘ha-ha, ha-de-dah’; hence the name. (Data derived from ‘Birds of Southern Africa’ by O.P.M. Prozesky). Photo shot yesterday afternoon with Canon 7D Mark 2 with 100-400mm …

Portrait of a hadeda


I re-processed the recent posted pictures of the hadeda and the sacred ibis (shadow flying). I’m not really satisfied but maybe you like them…. (???… šŸ˜€ )…..


The lawn perforator


Hahahaha …. Hadeda

Hadeda Day at the Neighbours