Post Harvest (2 pictures)

Harvest in colour and B&W

Post barley harvest



During the Winter rainfall period grass grows and farmers in the Overberg harvest it for silage. Some farmers bale the hay; others harvest the grass fresh, dump it between two ground walls; sprinkle salt on and compact with a tractor every layer and cover the top with plastic. Quite labour extensive but the end result …


Post Harvest

Grape Harvest

With the grape harvest in South Africa about to begin I thought it was a good idea to ‘dive’ into my archive and re-process some harvest pictures of last year. Photo shooting at Springfontein Winery in Stanford, South Africa. Original RAW-images reprocessed with Topaz (Photoshop plug-in) in ‘opalotype’


The grape harvest in South Africa is on full steam. It’s hard work in the vineyards and the cellars. And in between. The tractor driver in this picture is fully focussed on his job at Springfontein Winery here in Stanford. Picture taken at 6 AM.

Harvest on its way..

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