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The hat

Portrait of a woman with hat


The Disappearing Hat (street photography)

The Hat (street photography)

Candid Portraits 4: The Coffee Maker

The Coffee Corner in Morton Street, Stanford, South Africa is the place where villagers gather, play games, do their wireless computer work, talk and talk, pamper their babies, relax, read the newspaper, pick up a fast snack, dream, cry, laugh and above all enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and affordable food. Although the people …

The unhappy queen

Karuna has a new hat and Queen Beatrix of Holland is most probably very unhappy for she does not has this one in her collection.   P.S.: Rumor has it that after seeing this picture on Facebook yesterday Queen Beatrix went on national television to announce her abdication …..

Skyfall, another new hat and what more

Just a few in-betweens (morning exercises):