Sorry; I can’t sleep with full moon

Every moon cyclus I have one sleepless night and with my camera in my hands …

This morning at 6 AM

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Pictures from the square yard 1: Store Cafe; The Gate

The Dutch writer Simon Carmiggelt made a living by observing from his ‘own’ chair and table on a terrace in Amsterdam. He wrote about objects he saw, about people and interaction between them, the sky, the weather and so on. And his stories never became boring; he could even write five or six pages about …

Imaginary; play with elements

It was Pablo Picasso who once said: “Everything you can imagine is real“. With modern photo-processing software it’s relatively easy to loosen elements from their original settings in photographs and combine them in a new picture. The new image can look realistic or not. This time I choose for the latter. I love to play …

Reflection in full color

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Two pictures of a cloudfall. The first is natural and the second is a HDR-version. See the difference? I understand why quite a few photographers like to work with HDR but I’m not (yet?) a favorite of it. But you may think different!