At last: My Front Door

I hardly go out to make pictures. In and around the house or during a doggy walk I find enough subjects worth to picture. But very soon I will start travelling again; just to keep myself refreshed and ‘rejuvenated’… Recently I published several sunset pictures shot through the front door of our ‘modest dwelling’ in …

Just a short walk …

….. from my house to enjoy this early morning view.

Garden going vertical

Vertical gardening is a trend but is not new. New is that thanks to contemporary knowledge and modern thinking a vertical garden does not limits itself to a creeper agains a wall or a hedge. If you ‘google’ you will find numerous examples all over the globe; from Pakistan Eastwards to Afghanistan. Even veggie gardens …

The Mansion

Personally I think that this is the most beautiful house (oops … I should say “Mansion” ..;) .. ) in the village but far too big for a household of two but still worthwhile to picture it!

In-house reflection


How I get into my house

Looking through

Our house has two wings separated by a verandah. The living quarters is the long wing and from my reading chair I can look right through the bedroom and bathroom to the outdoor shower. But in the evening, with the light on in the bathroom, things are different because the glass sliding door to the …

Portrait of a lonely walker

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Just outside the gate of our house: Johnny keeps on walking….

Portrait of a chimney

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The topping of our house…